As you may been informed it is compulsory for all Transition Year student to complete ECDL during their transition year. It is felt that Transition year is an idea year (where there is time) for student to achieve ICT certification in ECDL. Computer skills are no longer a bonus but a necessity.  They open doors to better jobs and better prospects.


The ECDL for Schools programme, currently being offered in St. Gerald's College, gives students the opportunity to gain these skills and receive an internationally recognised qualification in computer literacy. ECDL is now a compulsory module for all students in Transition Year.


The European Computer Driving Licence can consist of up to eleven modules and exams but student are required to pass seven of these to receive their Full ECDL:


1.        Computer Essentials

2.        Online Essential

3.        Word Processing

4.        Spreadsheets

5.        Presentation

6.        IT Security

7.        Image Editing


The current fee for this programme is €125.00 and for this each student will receive:


  1. Online access to all course materials.
  2. An ECDL Skills Card from ICS Skills with an unlimited duration.
  3. Eleven module test papers and eleven mock exam papers.
  4. Certification from ICS Skills.


Moreover, by joining the school's programme you are saving hundreds of euro - the cost of doing the ECDL through a private training company can be in excess of €500.



If you would like to find out more about the programme, further information is available at