St Gerald's College Transition Year 2014 - 2015.

  • Transition Year in St Gerald's College is a link year between Junior Certificate an
    d Leaving Certificate programs.

  • Transition Year was Introduced in 1973.

  • Mainstreamed in 1994.

  • Certified by the Dept of Education and Skills in 2000.

  • All students in St Gerald's College complete the Transition Year Program. 

Why is there a need for Transition Year

Challenges Facing Young People

  • Leaving Certificate and the Points Race.
  • Career Choice.
  • Managing Expectations of Family and Society in general.
  • Managing Peer Pressure.

  • Challenges facing our Young People
  • Changing attitudes to Education
  • Need for Skills based learning
  • Profile of Irish students
  • Time to mature and develop
  • Space to reflect and plan   

Changing Attitudes Towards Education

  • There is a move towards life long learning.

Skills based Learning

Employers require people with a variety of skills for example ICT skills, Technology skills and science skills

Profile of Irish Students

People are staying longer in full time education and continue to receive professional development and study other courses through out their lives. Education is now a life long experience.